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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Feeling better

Don't you just hate when you are in a funk? I hate it. My husband says I make so many excuses to avoid things. And he's right. I hate to admit it but it's true.

So I have been studying for my Pilates cert and then I started to feel guilty because I would drop the kids at daycare while I worked out and studied. Then I would feel guilty for spending money on daycare. So I decided to take a mini break and enjoy the last few weeks of summer with the girls before they start pre-k.

Then it all changed from there. I became funky. I wasn't doing my pilates like I wanted. If I had the mojo I would find a way to do it but sadly I am making up excuses and blaming the girls and the fact that we have no money.

So this week I started going to my gym that I pay for monthly and has daycare. Pilates is given maybe 3 times /week and never works with my schedule but that's okay. I am mixing it up as my instructor told me today and that's good. What's great is that my girls love it there and I am doing something great for myself. I am working out, sweating, having some "me" time and in one more week I'll be back in my game. Kicking funk to the curb.

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