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Friday, April 29, 2011

Afternoon pick me up and a challenge

2 scoops of Vi Shake

1/2 c cold coffee

1/2 c almond milk


frozen berries


I have been drinking these yummy shakes daily to help with my weight loss goals. They are superior in nutrition in comparison to all the other shakes out there. I wanted and needed something that was high in protein, low in sugar, low in carbs and had fiber to keep me full. I wanted it to taste great and digest easily without any discomfort as some powders have caused me in the past. Oh and the powder tastes like cake mix. Yum. I have been making the most delicious shakes with fruit, almond milk and greens. (gotta get those greens in there). I have not been dissapointed by the taste. The concoction I whipped up above was very tastey and I had replicated this with another protein powder a month ago and did not come close to the taste in fact I couldn't drink it.

Doing my research on the net for weight loss challenges I found this company. I decided to join the 90 day challenge and I am just loving the amazing support from others on the challenge. I figured blogging about it and joining a challenge like this will help reach my goals faster. This should help me be held accountable now for my actions and words.

If you are a busy mom like me who has put very little wellness into herself and wants to lose at least 5 pounds then consider doing the challenge with me.

I have gained 15 pounds just this year alone. I never ate breakfast( who has time), working out was never happening and doing anything for myself was like pretty much non existent.
Since I have started this challenge I feel like I am heading in the right direction in doing something great for myself. Baby steps.

My goals are to be fit and healthy and share the info with others out there. My work out plans are slowly picking up again. Remember baby steps. But I know I will reach my goals.

For more information check out this site.

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