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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just blow outs

I am excited!! This Friday is the grand opening of a new local bar. And I am not talking about that kind of bar. It's a blow dry bar. How cool is that. For $35 dollars you can get a blow dry. They had the cutest menu to choose from like the Mai tai, which is messy and beachy or the Southern Comfort for lots of volume. Those were just a couple of the choices to choose from. I also love that you can get a floater which is basically a head and neck massage. They do wash your hair of course.
I think this a great idea. A place to get your girlfriends together before a fun nite or even better brunch blowouts with complimentary bagels and croissants.
Here is the link if you want to find a location in your area.



Heather said...

We should go! Let's do a moms-night-out. It sounds like fun :)

Alexis Anzalone said...

I would love to try that place! Sounds awesome and $35 is such an amazing price. Take pics if you go.