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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Whole Journey and what I am drinking now.

Last week I posted about my recent purchase on a new book and my recent attendance at a seminar on eating for energy, mental clarity and weight loss. I have started making some changes (baby steps) and they have proven to be amazing for me.

My coffee fix was getting out of hand so I have now switched to Yerba Mate tea.

Yerba Mate comes from the leaves of a tree found in the rainforests of Brazil. This tea is comparable to the amount of caffeine found in coffee without the acidity, the headaches, sour stomachs and jitteriness that coffee can give you. It claims to increase energy, boost mental clarity and focus.
Let me tell you from my first cup that it's claims are true. I felt great the first morning I drank this tea. I had tons of energy for most of the morning and no crashes , which I get once the caffeine buzz wears off. I tend to not eat breakfast and as a result, I would get the jitters, and a sour stomach from the acidity and no food in my belly. This stuff rocks. I highly recommend it.

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