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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A whole new approach to eating and what I am currently reading

I have been looking for a new way to eat without going totally raw or vegan and this may be the book. Natalia Rose is a well known raw foodie known for the Raw Detox Diet. I was looking for something not so hardcore and pretty basic and so far this may be the ticket for my new approach. Besides who doesn't want *Effortless, abundant weight loss, * Glowing, healthy skin, *Increased energy, * Fewer colds and flus, * A more positive attitude and increased mental acuity, which is her claim by following her 21 day regime.

I will keep you posted on my journey.


One Love said...

Good luck! Let us know how it goes, I might try it to!

nameisgrace said...

I'm going back to vegan now that lent is starting. Have you heard of alica silverstones book? she was just on oprah talking about it and i want to get it. it's all about going vegan and recipes for it. good luck! i did it for a month and i know you can totally do it!