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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

20 things that I have come to realize now that I am a mom, wife, woman in my 30's

1. Forget drama, just be happy and focus on it.
2. Kids grow up faster than you think.
3. Keep a journal, especially of your children. My memory is not that great.
4. Stay active even after high school
5. Plan your finances.
6. Fund my retirement (wish I had listened to my dad 20 years ago)
7. Make time to pursue your passion no matter how busy your life is.
8. It's never too late to make a career change.
9. You really are what you eat. ( if you eat crap, you'll feel like crap and be a craby bitch)
10. You don't have to be last.
11. Live simply
12. Appreciate the simple things in life like long hot showers, sitting in quiet, sleeping.
13. After having kids I feel more beautiful and powerful.
14. After having kids I am a worry wart and scardy cat. I never want to see them hurt or scared.
15. Pregnancy was not all roses, chocolate and naps.
16. I must live my life in this order: God, marriage, children if I want it to be strong and healthy.
17. Love is work
18. Mommy brain fart is real.
19. Motherhood is the hardest job I know.
20. Women are powerful influences on their quality of lives and marriages.


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ha ha....very true! i wish i knew those things in my early 20's...this april i hit 36...but i feel younger than ever! i guess that's what having kids does to you!

One Love said...

That is a great list!

Rachael Popejoy said...

Oh dear, that list is AMAZING!!! I'm pretty sure I needed that to read in my every day of life. That was a good inspiration to have.