Daily Dose of Inspiration

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Real Estate Stalking

This gorgeous house is absolutely my fave architectually and the interior decor is quite possibly everything that I could imagine in a dream house.

Lets take a look shall we?

sunbleached wood floors and antique wood beams (check)

sunbleached wall paneling (check)

sliding glass windows and

the furniture ( check and check)

look at that window.

The kitchen ~SWOON~

I love sliding glass windows and the mix of vintage, contemporary and modern furnishings and design work. (CHECK)

This room could be anything. A craft room, playroom, workout room, office....
My escape

Check out those windows.

Love the mix again.
Contemporary, modern and vintage is hard to pull off together but it is done so well here. Love the wood, concrete and shiny elements.

Don't need to say much about this hall.

Forever canyon and ocean views. There is actually a creek bed down below that is part of this home too.

She will cost you $$$$6.4 mil