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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inspirational Thoughts Thursday


As I sit here typing this I am inspired. I want nothing more than to be happy and healthy and well. I am a fan of all things happy and healthy. I search constantly for other women like me who want to the same things I do. To feel strong, sexy, healthy and happy. I truly believe that if you care and nurture yourself then the rest just falls into place and everyone around you will feel and gravitate towards your positive energy.

I tend to get stuck in the past dwelling on what I coulda, woulda, shoulda done differently. I think about the failures and not the lessons that life has handed me. For four years I listened and searched and practiced all things "healthy" to me. I have juiced, cooked clean meals, dabbled in the raw and vegan diet and exercised. None of it was on a consistent basis. I also tend to fall off these paths. I think that once fear or change comes into it I freeze and go to what is easy and comforting.

LIFE HAPPENS for goodness sake why can't I just say that and move on? I feel like this is turning into a pity party and not an inspiring one so I think I should stop here.

I do want to end with this though

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