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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I like to eat color

Husband made a trip to Costco for me and came home with tons of basil and tomatoes.

I just love the color it adds to meals.

I made my favorite egg scramble with fresh tomato, basil, cilantro and goat cheese and put it in a whole wheat tortilla.

Caprese salad was for dinner and I devoured it. I may have that again for lunch.

I have so much basil , seriously that I just can't let it go to waste.
These are some recipes I plan to whip up this week.

Avocado basil pesto recipe
Watermelon-basil lemonade recipe
Bruschetta recipe

I am also participating here today.


Laura @ Adventures In WIC said...

yum! I LOVE Caprese salad!

Andrea @ Vegvacious said...

Yum! Caprese salad is such a fabulous summer meal! Yours looks so pretty too; almost too good to eat!!