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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My thirst quencher with Chia

A part of my fitness and health journey is to drink lots of water. I am so bad at it. I would rather drink coffee. I drank so much of it and was feeling sluggish in the afternoon. Also my skin has been dry and breaking out. My body was telling me to drink more water.

I am just not a huge fan of plain water. I would squeeze lemon in it or make my homemade "spa" water when I had the chance (i'll post more on that later). THen I created my own little concoction that has been by far my fave and with added benefits who wouldn't want to try this.

My thirst quencher consists of Chia seed, mint, lemon, water and a bit of stevia to sweeten.


Why Chia??

Chia is a powerhouse of nutrition. Used for centuries by the mayans and aztec warriors to help sustain energy and reduce hunger. This tiny little seed provides fiber, antioxidants, vits and mins, protein and a rich source of Omega 3's.

Just 1 tablespoon is all I need to help sustain energy, reduce cravings because there is such a high fiber content and absorbs so much water keeping you fuller longer.

Add it to anything like smoothies, cereal , yogurt....

I use 1 tbsp in my water and it creates a gelatin that is flavorless so you can add it to anything and not alter the taste of your recipes.

I seriously love this stuff.

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