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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do you follow you heart or your mind?

Whenever we need to make a very important decision it is best to trust our instincts, because reason usually tries to remove us from our dream, saying that the time is not yet right. Reason is afraid of defeat, but intuition enjoys life and its challenges. Paul Coehlo

Do you follow your heart or your mind?

I struggle with this everyday. Especially when dealing with my decisions and dreams of changing my career. When opportunity knocks do you open that door and take that risk? My mind jumps in immediatley, that little voice of reason, telling me what I already know. That comfort zone or that safe little bubble that I have created. It's fear is what it really is. Life is about taking chances, transformation, faith, trust and creativity. As I type this I have come to the realization that I don't trust myself. WHA?? Really is this who I am? I need to kick FEAR to the curb is what I need to do.

As for me, knowing that I at least tried even if I failed is far better than not knowing. Nothing in life is wasted. Mistakes are lessons learned.

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Alexis Anzalone said...

For the most part I lead with my head. However, our move to Colorado and my faith in moving without a job came totally from the heart (and it was terrifying) and I've never been happier! It is so hard to take that leap, and I can't even imagine having a family to worry about along the way. Good luck w/ whatever decisions you are making!