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Friday, February 18, 2011

Life Organization for my brain farts.

Lately I have been seeing these fabulous command centers everywhere. I know this isn't anything new but I think my mind is telling me that I need to get the ball rolling here and get myself organized. I have been extremely forgetful lately. It's like I've been in denial all this time. My plate is full and overwhelming and I think I just don't want to ask for help or find any for that matter.

I heart these organizational walls. It's got it all and it would be my brain but I just don't have the cash or even the space to have something like this. I of course did my research and came across two blogs that are sure to help me in this adventure.

be jealous here

IHeart Organizing

and here

They have tons of great ideas and challenges to get you organized. I must warn you though, it's a bit too neat. But it's oh so pretty and you will be a bit jealous and feel like you are a slob with brain fart.

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Alexis Anzalone said...

Those are such cool "command center" walls. Our command center consists of piles on our counter and tables.