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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In my Inbox

This morning I woke up to a crying baby with a stinky diaper, a toddler who insisted she doesn't need to brush her teeth today while dressing in PJ's again because this is what she is going to wear. And I am out of coffee. Yes, it is just another one of those days but sometimes when it happens over and over it gets to me. I then go on this coaster of emotions because I have been thrown off track. The kitchen is a mess, the floors need mopping, I am out of groceries etc... I then find myself walking to the computer to check facebook, emails and my addictive blog world. It's my little mental escape. Well, today I found this from The Universe in my inbox.

Of all the things that matter, Brenda, that really and truly matter, working more efficiently and getting more done is not among them.

The Universe

Oh how I needed this today. My permission slip to relax and breathe. It put it all in perspective for me. I love getting my "notes from the universe" everyday in my inbox. It's can give me that extra little bit of charge that I need to get the day going, to bring me back to reality and make me stop and smell the roses. I recommend you check out TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) and take a look around.
"TUT believes that everyone's special, that every life is meaningful, and that we're all here to learn that dreams do come true. We also believe that "thoughts become things," and that imagination is the gift that can bring love, health, abundance, and happiness into our lives."

If you want some inspiration daily sent to you via email then sign up for Notes from the Universe, it's free. It's funny, insightful, spiritual and unconventional reminders about life and who we are. The voice behind the notes is none other than Mike Dooley the founder of The Secret.

Back to my reality. I read this today and didn't freak out about all I needed to do. I played with my girls, took them out for lunch and as soon as they are up from their naps we are going to a playdate. My laundry still needs to be folded and the groceries....maybe we will order a pizza.
Thanks for listening. Peace

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Brandie said...

What a BEAUTIFUL reality :) Yes, the things we need to DO will always be there... but the time we get to spend with our precious little ones and family will fly by ... taking the time to let some things just go to spend time on what really matters is so worth it :) *hugs* Thank you!!