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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the wall.....

who is the tiredest of them all. Is that even a word??? Whatever. Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought who is that woman? Moms you have gotta be with me on this one. Please say there are some supporters out there.
Lately, well actually for much longer that, I have been feeling that way when I look in the mirror. And may I add that I sometimes don't even look in the mirror all day. Scary. I have many days when I just get up and go, put my hair in a pony tail, throw on the hat, flip flops and take the kiddos to their playdate or whatever I may have lined up for them. Okay typing playdate makes me feel really lame. I am the one who needs the date. My hubby and I that is. I need to look in the mirror again with confidence and to see that woman who used to be spontaneous, funny, lively with decent skin and styled hair. Now that I have a one year old and a two year old I can't be spontaneous anymore but at least I should have nice looking hair. Why is that so hard to achieve every morning??? It all comes down to time I think. I just don't have time for me. So sad but it's true. I need to make more of an effort. Do I get up earlier?
Another thing is money. I am a SAHM and I gave up my income to take care of my lovelies. That means shopping for deals and passing up on the weekly pedi and monthly hair weave. No I am not high maintanence. I am so far from that. As for deals, who doesn't like them, I do but I am one of those people that misses them or just doesn't have good luck when she is looking through a pile of jeans on sale at a local boutique. I just give up and pay full price. But times have changed and now I don't mind. I love it when I SCORE and find a great deal.
Back to looking in the mirror. I have lost my identity is what it all comes down to. I am at crossroads right now with finding myself again, taking care of my family and just trying to balance it all.
I need to focus on creating a calm and peaceful path. I need to take the time to pretty myself up even if it's gloss and mascara. I need to have more dates with my man. I need to prioritize family tasks. My girls will always be number one but I need to be a little selfish sometimes too.


tiffany said...

Oh you have my support! The hardest thing about being a SAHM is achieving balance! Sure your primary role is caring for and raising those little babes, but it is not selfish to spend a little time with just yourself each day! Whether it's during nap time or waking up a little earlier than the kids or paying a neighbor girl to watch them while you take a few hours once a week! I am a huge believer that if you nurture yourself, you are much more effective at nurturing your family! Take good care of yourself and of your marriage too! Date nights are wonderful--so worth the babysitter money! And just know there are lots and lots of us out here trying to figure it out too!

Brenda said...

thanks Tiffany.

Kat @ measuring my life in l-o-v-e said...

I don't even think it's just a SAHM thing, as much as a mom thing. I do know how easy it is to drop in the rut, and I would suggest, just as you schedule in whatever activites they are doing, schedule yourself some time too. I personally cherish quiet/nap time and hope you find your balance soon. And set up a date for you and hubby!