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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mediterranean Garden Part II

Well this past weekend we worked on our dirt pile. I am very pleased with the progress and I am looking forward to more work on my dream outdoor courtyard. We have a huge front yard that is perfect for creating an outdoor room. After so much research we decided on creating a natural wall with boxwoods. I just love boxwoods. I never realized how luscious and versatile they truly are. And much more cost effective than a stone wall. I was a bit sad at first that we couldn't hire someone to build us a wall but I think I am happy with what we have decided. In the end it will be a much softer and natural look. I have also posted some lovely inspiration via Decorno blogspot.
The start of something beautiful, 28 planted boxwoods all in a row.

Photos courtesy Decorno
Landscape architecture by Howard Design Studio

This beautiful garden uses boxwoods in pots. See more pictures here


Lynett said...

Great inspiration and great start! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Brenda said...

Me too. It will take some time to achieve the full wall.