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Friday, July 24, 2009


We're back from beautiful Nantucket.

Sconset was my absolute favorite place. There was something about that place that makes me happy inside. Have you ever had a dejaveaux? Well this place was one of them. I swear I have dreamed about this town, the streets, the character, the houses. It's weird but it was so special to me. The picture above is a house from Sconset.

My daughter loved it too. It was her very own secret garden.

She danced and ran among the flowers chasing rabbits.

This was the norm in nantucket. A beautiful arch with climbing roses. I have never seen so many flowers on a tiny island before. Simply amazing.

See what I'm talking about. Makes you want to go home a get a green thumb.

My hubby was in love. This was our last dinner on the island. We shared 2 pounds of lobster! Yummy.

Her first ice cream cone. She didn't understand that it's better with ice cream in it. But she loved it anyway.

Mermaid I

Mermaid II

Their first bike ride.
The end.


Lynett said...

Great pictures!!! It looks like you has a wonderful time. Your family is soooo cute!!!

Brenda said...

Thanks Lynette. We had a great time. You would have loved it. the antiques, the houses, the beach. It was fun.