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Friday, July 31, 2009

Much Better

I have been feeling much better and I think this funky mood has left me. During this time I discovered I have been the cause of this state of mind. The mind is very powerful and can control us physically and spiritually. I have fallen out of my usual healthy habits and into unhealthy ones. My habits for the last few days consist of:
Coffee every morning and afternoon
Hanging around in my PJ's till noon (sometimes)
Forgetting to eat breakfast or anything at all during the day.
Staying indoors most days
No exercise
Staying up late
Grand Total: A big lethargic funk

Since my last post I have been getting out more which means more fresh air. My meals are getting healthier (trying hard) and I am down to one coffee per day ( baby steps). I also find that if I get up, make my bed and dress first thing I am more inclined to do more and get out of the house. It's almost one in the morning so that part I am still working on but hey I think I am doing pretty good. It's about simple things, daily habits and small changes that can really make all the difference.

Get out for fresh air
Go for a walk
Make your bed
Get dressed
Coffee or tea (one please)
Breakfast is the meal of champions.

Drink more water
Eat your fruits and veggies
Get some shut eye

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Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Yes, it is amazing how a few simple steps in how we treat ourselves can make such a difference! Hang in there and thanks for the reminder of what I need to do myself...Janell