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Monday, June 1, 2009

An evening at the beach

On Sunday we took the family for some playtime at our local beach. We are lucky to live only 6 miles away. It is so nice to be able to cruise down for some fresh salty air and let Brooklyn run wild.
My daughter was so serious and calm when we brought her. She is at this stage where she imaginary plays, has conversations with dolls and objects and is really taking it all in like a sponge. I love this picture of her. She loves looking at the waves. After all, it can be very hypnotizing. Hmmmm....maybe I should bring her more often especially during her wild spells. JK.

She loves rocks and sea shells but we only found pebbles at this beach.

Briana's first dip in the ocean. She did great and not a peep came out of her. The water wasn't very warm either.

Here she is again in pensive thought. I wish I could get into her little head to see through her eyes and know what she's thinking.


Lynett said...

Children at the beach is my absolutely favorite thing!

nameisgrace said...

your girls are precious!!!! we just got back from the beach. harper loves it too:) thanks so much for all the vegan info. i'm gonna check out those links out now!!!! xo

Suzie said...

You guys make such a beautiful family, seriously!