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Friday, April 3, 2009

How to create a cozy reading nook

My daughter has a small playhouse tent that she enjoys for reading and I thought.... I need one of those too..... Ah ha. I will create a cozy reading nook.
Step 1) Look for a quiet place in your home such as a corner or a closet.
Step 2) Find comfortable seating such as a daybed, chair or even big fluffy floor pillows.
Step 3) You'll need a side table to hold your cup of tea, journal or reading material.
Step 4) Lighting is important so make sure you have a small lamp and if you are lucky and have one of these glorious window seats above you can choose to have daylight, just as long as it's not too bright.
Step 5) Cozy up using fuzzy warm blankets and fluffy pillows.
Voila, a cozy retreat for you to relax and daydream.

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