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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My first time Woo-Hoo

This is my first post and I am excited. Being a SAHM is a whole new area of living life. Besides the obvious, two daughters and new home to tend to, it has taught me so much about myself and what it is to be a woman. Everday a new part of me is unleashed, parts of my mind that I never explored before. I sometimes feel creative and need to get all the juices flowing through decorating my home, writing, cooking etc.. Then there are times when I feel empowered to do something different in my life, add to my career or change it all together. There is the strong part of me that gets on that treadmill or loads the girls in the jogger for a run on the beach. And of course the lazy side too. We all have those days.

Today I feel creative and empowered, hence the blog site and I think this site will be good for me in many ways. I can share my thoughts and share the things that excite me and inspire me.

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